Review Policy

I am NOT currently accepting YA books for review.

If you wish to send me books for review, please email me at with REVIEW REQUEST as the subject.

If I receive a book for review, you will receive the following in exchange:

  •  An honest review. Be it a positive or negative review, I will always be upfront and honest about my opinions. In saying this I will never insult an author or their work.
  •  If sent a book for review, I will always aim to have the review published within a month of the publication date. I do have a very busy life; being at university and working, but I will try my hardest to keep to this time frame.
  • In the review I will discuss the book’s synopsis, release date, and the publishing company. I will give the book a rating out of 5 stars and will discuss aspects of the writing, plot and characters individually.
  • My rating scale:
    • 1/5 Did not enjoy. Would not recommend.
    • 2/5 Not great.
    • 3/5 Okay/average.
    • 4/5 Liked this book.
    • 5/5 Loved this book. Would highly recommend.


  • If the book is in a series, please provide any books that come prior to that novel in the series.


  • Preferred YA genres:
    • fantasy
    • contemporary/romance
    • paranormal
    • historical fiction
    • science fiction
    • dystopian
  • Other genres that I will consider:
    • adult historical fiction
    • adult fantasy
    • new adult/romance
  •  I will currently NOT accept:
    • erotica
    • religious
    • non-fiction
    • poetry